About Us

Entrepreneurship has always been a dream of Je’Lada Huff Stevenson’s, and it became a reality when she launched Blessed Chic Tees in the fall of 2016. Fueled by a spirit and desire to help, encourage and inspire others, Je’Lada is a woman of God and walks by her faith.

Je’Lada’s professional career spans nearly twenty years serving in several leadership roles at a large Medical Center in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. The vastly diverse skill set she acquired from her day-time profession has proven extremely helpful as she embraces her endeavor of being a business owner.

Blessed Chic Tees is a Christian on-line tee shirt business that celebrates the daily victories in unsung women of all ages. Je’Lada spreads her purposeful position in print, she created the brand to celebrate all women who overcome trials and tribulations big and small, while being everyday sheroes.

For more information about Blessed Chic Tees please contact us via email info@blessedchictees.com